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ABSA NIDA Integration

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ABSA NIDA Integration

The project aimed at developing an instant account on-boarding platform with minimal KYC documentation requirement. The objective was to on-board as many customers as possible and improve on-boarding customer experience. As part of the requirements, it was mandated that there be an iBOC integration with NIDA to support National Identity cards  validation.  The National ID cards were to be validated against the national database maintained by NIDA.Dflex International was contracted to develop an interface between ABSA and NIDA system to automate the process of requesting validating National Identity Card, when it is presented by ABSA customer especially during the Account opening process.In compatible to NIDA API’s Dflex developed a windows  Server- based solution that is a gateway that facilitate integration between ABSA system and NIDA, to eliminate the need for every ABSA system to go through the hassle of connecting to NIDA.