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TASAF PSSN Beneficiaries Validation

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TASAF PSSN Beneficiaries Validation

TASAF is implementing the PSSN Programme in 161 PAAs across the country. In order to have efficient and effective operations, TASAF enrolls poor households that are entitled to cash disbursement once every two months. In order to control fraud and cheating that can result into double registration or enrolling ineligible household, TASAF decided to use National Identification Card to validate members of these household. Before a member is registered, he or she must possess a valid NIDA card.TASAF contracted Dflex to develop a Unified Register  for Beneficiaries Information System (URBIS) that among other functions, is interfaced to NIDA system for validating NIDA card details of household members. Once the card detail is captured in URBIS, the system sends query to NIDA system to validate the card and retrieve demographic information for members, including age. This information are compared to the ones captured to identify any discrepancies. The system can validate one card at a time or send multiple cards at once.This system has been in use for almost 3 years and recently was enhanced to include fingerprint validation of household members before receiving any payment. It has at huge extent controlled all the fraud and cheating which were there before putting the system in place.